Real Estate Transaction Management Software

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  • Fuel Deals
  • Delight Clients
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Say goodbye to your tangled mess of tech.

Save Thousands of Dollars

No more external website expense, stringing together and paying for multiple applications, or third-party subscription costs.

Have a True Picture of Your Business

See your entire brokerage. What’s working, what isn’t and what opportunities are available.

Have the Competitive Edge

Your agents will have a complete range of individual services available to grow their business, such as a personal website, lead generation and CRM.

Real estate transaction management software

Using multiple software applications to manage your brokerage is frustrating

  • Never knowing how your brokerage is doing
  • Worried seeing more money going out each month
  • The hassle of trying to get your software and third-party applications to work together
  • Stressed you won’t attract new agents

Managing a brokerage is hard, we think technology shouldn’t make it more difficult.

real estate agent in need of real estate document management software to make his life easier

Real estate transaction management software to help you

Cut your monthly subscription cost down to 1/7 of the cost

pricing comparison of Lead City verses other brokerage software

Real estate transaction management software

From the initial lead to the final signature at closing, Lead City provides a simple solution

  • Manage your entire brokerage from one easy-to-use application
  • Have complete access and control for every piece of data, contact, and document you need from the initial lead generation and closing transaction
  • Search feature providing quick and easy access to any document or piece of information you need
  • No longer need to stringing together third-party applications to get your job done

So what advantage does using an all-in-one real estate transaction management provide to an agent or broker?

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Using the right technology for an agent or brokerage can be a huge advantage. Working from an all-in-one-application instead of the typical multi-app solution can help you to:

  1. Make Your Life Easier – No longer have to deal with multiple third-party applications, subscriptions to figure out how to make it all “play nice” together. You’ll have everything you need to run your brokerage, all in one place with Lead City.
  2. Streamline Your Process– Imagine having every lead, every contact, every document, every agent and their information in one system. You will have direct access to the information you need to make the best decisions for the future of your brokerage.
  3. Simplify Workflow – Using Lead City’s template and role based format, you save HUGE amounts of time by having a system in place that is scaleable and most of all repeatable.
  4. See the Big Picture – With all of your information in one location, you can pull specific reports to determine actions steps when trends within the real estate market emerge.
  5. Provide the Best Customer Service – When you workflow is smooth, your customers will notice.

Using the right technology provides agents and brokerages with more accurate insights into their clients, enabling them to better tailor their services to the individual needs of each customer. This can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which all adds up to improved business growth in the long run. Having an all-in-one real estate document management software solution gives agents and brokerages a major advantage when it comes to managing their operations and delivering superior service to customers.

It’s true. All of this found in one app


IDX Responsive Websites


Human Resources

Listing Management

Lead Management



Auditing & History

Transaction Management


Agent Onboarding

Community Insights

Plus, we make it simple to migrate your existing data and information into Lead City to set up your account.

See what other real estate professionals have said


When I switched to a new office that uses Lead City, I was in awe of the time and effort saved through an all-in-one platform. Everything I need is all in one place and I can access it from my computer or phone. Lead City has helped me increase my productivity by 2 to 3 times and become a better agent. I can easily add new clients to my contacts through my phone and ensure that they are followed up with. Managing my transactions and leads has never been easier. Every agent needs Lead City!

Brooke Jones

Having the entire office in the palm of my hand gives me more freedom and confidence in managing the brokerage with Lead City.  Lead City is the only platform on the market that truly does it all. On-boarding with this system is a breeze!

Beth Toliver
Transaction Coordinator

Before Lead City, I would spend a lot of time trying to organize information for transactions, listings, and leads which felt like a waste of time, energy, and money. Recently, I’ve made a brokerage move as the technology was appealing and more robust than what I was previously subscribed to. Since adopting Lead City, I have gained back valuable time and created a better process for my buyers and sellers. I would highly recommend Lead City for anyone looking for a user-friendly and mobile-friendly option. Truly an all-in-one platform!

Leah Hilpipre

After 20 years as an agent using other platforms, I could not believe the simplicity of LeadCity. I had been mapping my own documents and templates for years. Not any more!!!! The easiest way to list and sell properties is to have the best tools. This is the best tool I’ve found in twenty years.

Jason Grinnen

Before Lead City, I would spend a lot of time trying to organize information for transactions, listings, and leads and which felt like a waste of time. After adopting Lead City, I have gained back valuable time and created a better process for my buyers and sellers. I have more time back and feel less stressed. I would highly recommend Lead City for anyone looking for an all-in-one platform!

Rob Emerson

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Real estate transaction management software to help you

Simplify your life

“Growing tired from the tangled mess of tech required to manage my brokerage, I finally decided I’d had enough.

It shouldn’t be so hard to manage a brokerage.

It’s why I developed Lead City, the only all-in-one solution that helped me solve the problems I experienced as a broker. Lead City will save you time and money and provide you the freedom to finally break free from the daily grind.

Simplify your life and say goodbye to your tangled mess of tech.”

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

Lead City Founder & Developer, Fellow Broker