Software for Brokers

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Imagine spending more quality and guilt-free time with family and friends.

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Increase agent retention and create a work environment that gets better over time.

Have peace of mind

Have a system in place that works to simplify your life whether you are in the office or away.

Software for Brokers

Constantly “putting out fires” within your brokerage is overwhelming

The idea of Lead City began when our founder, a broker like you, grew tired of the daily grind he thought was needed to stay competitive and succeed as a brokerage.

So when we say we know how hard you work, it’s true. At Lead City, we believe your technology should be simple to use and help your brokerage grow, instead of holding you back and frustrating you.

Just as our founder, Aaron Jones, found success using Lead City, we are committed to helping you find your success too.

We invite you to schedule a demonstration and discover for yourself the life change that can happen when technology is on your side and not working against you. 

Schedule a demonstration today if you’re ready to break free from the daily grind and take back your life.

Reach the level of success you desire and get the recognition you deserve.

Meet our team

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones
President & Co-founder
Mike Stuart
Mike Stuart
Dinesh Lead City
Dinesh Sailour
CTO & Co-founder
Katie Van Sloun
Katie Van Sloun
Marketing Manager

Software for Brokers

Designed to provide you with everything from the initial lead to the final closing signature

From the initial lead
Through The transaction process
To meet your brokerage needs

Connect and capture leads

It all starts with your website. Connecting your website to your MLS listings has never been easier with Lead City. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, if you don’t have a professional, and responsive real estate website for your team and agents - your business isn’t going to survive. With a Lead City website, you can create a great first impression and first step in how your customers find you.

Customizable, simple to manage, and professional looking responsive websites will help you save time, money, and energy because your website will be doing the work of lead generation for you.

Every lead, transaction, and document managed in one place

Lead City’s all-in-one design allows all transactions to be connected with your CRM, providing clear and open communication through the entire purchase cycle. You can easily assign, complete, and manage tasks in minutes.

Simplify the cycle by using a comprehensive platform. This will save everyone (broker, agent, and client) time and allow you to clearly see the full picture of where a transaction is at. With 12+ features including lead management, transaction management, CRM, e-signature, and more - finally view the whole picture of your brokerage.

Making it simple to mange your brokerage

Organize your business, streamline workflows, and provide insights into market trends with Lead City.

Lead City can help you manage client relationships, track your listings, and keep up with market trends. Quickly and easily access market data, compare properties, simplify compliance, identify potential leads, and create targeted marketing campaigns. By using analytics, you can track the effectiveness of campaigns, identify areas to improve, and focus on your most successful strategies. This allows you to capitalize on market trends and increase your overall numbers.

3 steps to break free from the daily grind

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