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Improving Brokerage Retention: How to Keep Your Best Real Estate Agents

The survival of your real estate brokerage hinges on your ability to keep your ace agents from jumping ship. The arsenal for retaining top talent? Think beyond the paycheck—a positive work culture, enticing perks, and the right tools at their disposal. We're not just...

How to Generate Real Estate Leads: A Comprehensive Guide

The first step of lead generation is understanding your target audience because, let's face it, if you don't know who you're talking to, you might as well be yelling into the void. And in real estate, that's just a fancy way to burn cash. Identify Who's Who in the...

Mastering Real Estate Recruiting: How to Poach Top Agents

In the dog-eat-dog world of real estate, you're either on top, or you're playing catch-up. Recruiting real estate agents is the lifeblood of brokerages. It’s as vital as prime real estate itself. Let's face it, with REALTORS switching firms faster than a New York...

How to Make Your Real Estate Brokerage More Efficient

How to make your real estate brokerage more efficient and how Lead City can help your real estate office became #1 on your MLS

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How You can Help Home Buyers Blast Their Debt in 3-5 Years

https://youtu.be/SfxbzRmGOM4 In this episode of Real Estate Espresso, Mike talks with Adam Carroll, a renowned financial literacy expert and celebrated author. With his captivating TED Talks and documentary film "Broke, Busted & Disgusted," he has amassed 6...
What do real estate brokers really want for Christmas? An all-in-one solution for their brokerage. Santa pointing at Lead City logo

Lead City: The Ultimate All-In-One Solution for Real Estate Brokerages

What is the #1 thing real estate brokers want for Christmas? How about a legitimate all-in-one solution to manage their leads, website, agents, transactions, eSign, commissions, and marketing! Are you tired of juggling multiple applications and subscriptions to manage...

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