Real Estate Broker Software

Running your brokerage has never been easier

Lead City provides everything you need in one simple app to grow your brokerage.

Simple Set-Up

Our “onboarding wizard” and team makes it easy to migrate your information into your account for a pain-free start.

Drastically cut your monthly expenses

Eliminate the need for expensive monthly third-party subscriptions and save thousands!

See the "big picture" for your brokerage

Have every number and detail you need to lead in one location.

Real Estate Broker Software

When every day seems like “one of those days,” leading your brokerage can be exhausting

  • You need new buyers and sellers to survive
  • You need to effectively handle the real estate transactions from the initial offer to closing
  • You must manage and lead your agents, teams, and employees well
  • You require information on demand to make the best decisions for growth

At Lead City we get it. Leading a brokerage can be overwhelming, unless you have some help.

Lead City provides a simple, repeatable, and time-saving system to help you be successful as a brokerage and stay ahead of your competition

Finally, real estate broker software that enables you to measure and track every agent, every lead, every transaction, and every step of your customer’s journey from first contact to final closing and beyond.

Real estate broker software that will make your life easier.

Lead City helps your brokerage, agents, and teams

From the initial lead

Connect and capture leads

It all starts with your website. Connecting your website to your MLS listings has never been easier with Lead City. In today’s hyper-competitive landscape, if you don’t have a professional, and responsive real estate website for your team and agents – your business isn’t going to survive. With a Lead City website, you can create a great first impression and first step in how your customers find you.

Customizable, simple to manage, and professional looking responsive websites will help you save time, money, and energy because your website will be doing the work of lead generation for you.

Lead City helps your brokerage, agents, and teams

Through the entire transaction process

Every lead, transaction, and document managed in one place

Lead City’s all-in-one design allows all transactions to be connected with your CRM, providing clear and open communication through the entire purchase cycle. You can easily assign, complete, and manage tasks in minutes.

Simplify the cycle by using a comprehensive platform. This will save everyone (broker, agent, and client) time and allow you to clearly see the full picture of where a transaction is at. With 12+ features including lead management, transaction management, CRM, e-signature, and more – finally view the whole picture of your brokerage.

Lead City helps your brokerage, agents, and teams

To meet your brokerage needs

Lead City helps your brokerage, agents, and teams

Organize your business, streamline workflows, and provide insights into market trends with Lead City.

Lead City can help you manage client relationships, track your listings, and keep up with market trends. Quickly and easily access market data, compare properties, simplify compliance, identify potential leads, and create targeted marketing campaigns. By using analytics, you can track the effectiveness of campaigns, identify areas to improve, and focus on your most successful strategies. This allows you to capitalize on market trends and increase your overall numbers.

A complete and comprehensive brokerage system designed to help you save time, money and mental energy

So you can break free from the daily grind and finally find the time you’ve needed to focus on growing your business.


“I wasn’t able to make progress with my own brokerage until I was able to break free from the daily grind”

“Starting as a real estate agent in 2011 and then becoming a broker in 2014, I know firsthand the daily challenges you face as a real estate professional. Trying to overcome these challenges is why I developed Lead City. The only all-in-one, real estate platform, designed to help solve the problems I’ve experienced as a broker. It’s helped me break free from the daily grind, and I know it will help you too.”

Aaron Jones, Founder of Lead City

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