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How to Make Your Real Estate Brokerage More Efficient

Jan 23, 2024 | Featured, Interview, Real Estate Espresso

The key to making your real estate brokerage more efficient lies in leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to streamline your operations. In this article, we will explore how Aaron Jones, the president and co-founder of Lead City, transformed his real estate office into the #1 on their MLS and revolutionized the industry with his efficient real estate lifecycle solution.

Aaron Jones and Lead City’s Genesis

Early Beginnings

Aaron’s fascination with real estate traces back to his days in Okoboji, Iowa, a serene lake town in the Midwest. His interest was piqued as he perused the newspaper, marveling at million-dollar homes. In 2011, during the recession, Aaron made a pivotal career shift by obtaining his real estate license. With a manufacturing and tech background, he swiftly recognized the potential of technology and SEO in setting himself apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

Birth of Lead City

Driven by his vision, Aaron embarked on building his own IDX website with the assistance of Varsha Web Labs, giving rise to the Lead City Real Estate Lifecycle Solution. This technological innovation propelled Aaron to become a top producer in his first year in real estate.

Evolution of Lead City

Continuing to expand the capabilities of Lead City, Aaron integrated features such as CRM, TMS, e-Signature, mass emailing, and more, culminating in an all-in-one solution. His remarkable success using Lead City caught the attention of his broker, who entrusted Aaron to share his tech innovation with their team. Since taking ownership of the brokerage in 2014, Lead City has propelled Aaron’s office to the #1 spot on their MLS, cementing his standing as the #1 agent multiple times.

Creating a Solution for Brokers

Dual Perspective

Lead City was meticulously crafted with both brokers and agents in mind, reflecting Aaron’s transition from an agent to a broker. Aaron’s primary challenge was to devise a highly efficient transaction process that adhered to compliance standards while simplifying the lives of brokers, agents, and transaction coordinators. By creating a comprehensive platform, Aaron was able to overcome this challenge and give brokers and agents back their peace of mind.

Comprehensive Features

Lead City boasts a wide array of features, that are available on both desktop and mobile devices including:

  • IDX responsive websites
  • Listing management
  • Transaction management
  • CRM
  • e-Signature
  • Marketing
  • Reporting
  • Auditing and history
  • Agent onboarding
  • Human resources
  • Community insights
  • And more with ongoing additions to further enhance its capabilities.

The Future of Real Estate and Lead City

Technological Trends

Forbes highlighted the streamlining of software as one of the top 5 technology trends to expect in real estate, catering to the increasing demand for efficient solutions among real estate professionals. The NARS 2022 Tech Survey underscored the significance of e-signature and local MLS apps/technology, both of which are integral features within Lead City. Lead City has been at the forefront of these trends since 2014, continually evolving to maintain its cutting-edge status.

How to Make Your Real Estate Brokerage More Efficient

Lead City’s forward-looking approach positions it as a trailblazer in the real estate technology landscape. With a keen focus on continuous improvement and efficiency, Lead City empowers real estate brokerages to emulate Aaron Jones’ rapid ascent to the #1 spot on their MLS in just one year. You can make your real estate brokerage more efficient with Lead City.

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