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How You can Help Home Buyers Blast Their Debt in 3-5 Years

Jan 9, 2024 | Featured, Interview, Real Estate Espresso

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In this episode of Real Estate Espresso, Mike talks with Adam Carroll, a renowned financial literacy expert and celebrated author. With his captivating TED Talks and documentary film “Broke, Busted & Disgusted,” he has amassed 6 million views on YouTube. Adam and Mike talk about how real estate agents and brokers can be a home buyer’s hero by sharing the Shred Method.

The Shred Method

Adam is the visionary behind The Shred Method. The Shred Method is a fintech company that empowers people to achieve remarkable debt freedom in their lives at an exceptional speed. It utilizes a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, to make lump sum payments on debts and mortgages, and can help people become debt free in years. The Shred Method is a software that makes it simple to know when and exactly how much to make each payment towards your mortgage in the shortest amount time and with the lowest amount of interest. The software’s algorithm is personalized to each person’s income and debt, so it’s as simple as following a notification prompt.


The Shred Method teaches people to create efficiency with their income and to use the HELOC as a checking account instead of making payments on it. The Shred Method revolves around using the the HELOC to accelerate the time it takes to pay off a mortgage and blast away the principal and interest. It also encourages people to make their money accessible instead of letting it sit in a checking account. Examples of people who have utilized The Shred Method are Michael Jones, who was able to pay off $35-40,000 in student loans in six months, and Jeremy and Teresa, who paid off a $300,000 mortgage in three years.

Real Estate Differentiator

The Shred Method is a great way for real estate agents to differentiate themselves and add value to their clients. Real estate agents and brokers can give their clients the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in their first 18 months of buying a home. For Lead City fans, below is a link to a $200 discounted landing page for registering for the Shred Method software plus membership that you can share with your clients or sign-up yourself. If agents have buyers that are maybe a little intimidated by their payments, agents can introduce their buyers to this as a value add. Their clients will be blown away and will look at their agent as their hero for introducing them to the Shred Method.

$200 Off Discount Link to the Shred Method:


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