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Improving Brokerage Retention: How to Keep Your Best Real Estate Agents

Apr 17, 2024 | Featured, The Broker's Bible

The survival of your real estate brokerage hinges on your ability to keep your ace agents from jumping ship. The arsenal for retaining top talent? Think beyond the paycheck—a positive work culture, enticing perks, and the right tools at their disposal. We’re not just selling properties here; we’re cultivating a powerhouse team that feels valued, bar none. Think it’s high time to ramp up your game? You bet it is, because retention is more than a buzzword—it’s your growth strategy.

Now, here’s the deal: We’re diving straight into the playbook on how to retain real estate agents. We’ll bulldoze through proven tactics like crafting a real estate brokerage environment that breeds loyalty, and dishing out training that transforms greenhorns into seasoned pros. Expect the full monty—flexibility for a sane work-life balance, a culture spiked with kudos for achievements, and communication that’s as clear as a bell. Strap in, because if you’re toeing the line with a high real estate agent turnover rate, these moves are your ticket to changing the game.

Cultivate a Positive Work Environment

Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk turkey about creating a work environment that’s so positive, your real estate agents will stick to their desks like glue. We’re not just fluffing pillows here; we’re building a fortress of solidarity that stands tall against the tempest of turnover.

  • Recruit Agents Who Gel with Your Vibe: First things first, we’ve got to cherry-pick agents who vibe with our culture like peas in a pod. We’re on the hunt for go-getters who echo our cultural values and are ready to hustle hard. And it’s on us, the leaders, to set the tone and lead the charge. We’re talking about a team that’s tighter than a drum and as harmonious as a choir. 
  • Boost Morale Like a Boss: Now, let’s talk morale. We’re not just handing out high-fives and patting backs. We’re orchestrating team-building shindigs, keeping the lines of gab wide open, and showering kudos on those who knock it out of the park. This isn’t just feel-good fluff; it’s the secret sauce that makes agents stick around. 
  • Inclusivity Is Key: Listen up, because this one’s a game-changer. We’re curating a supportive and inclusive environment that’s as diverse as the clients we serve. It’s not just about checking boxes; it’s about creating a space where every agent can thrive and bring their A-game to a clientele as varied as a box of chocolates.

By weaving these threads into the fabric of our real estate brokerage culture, we’re not just retaining agents; we’re cultivating a thriving ecosystem where they can grow, prosper, and most importantly, want to stay put. Now let’s turn these words into action.

Provide Competitive Commission Splits and Benefits

Let’s slice through the fluff and get to the heart of the matter: money talks. If you want to keep your real estate gladiators from marching to the beat of another brokerage’s drum, you’ve got to pony up the dough. But it’s not just about cold, hard cash; it’s about crafting a compensation cocktail that has them toasting to their good fortune. Here’s how to retain real estate agents through commission strategies that are as competitive as a bidding war on a beachfront bungalow:

  • Know the Market Like the Back of Your Hand: Stay savvy about what’s going down in the market. Keep your ear to the ground with regular market surveys to ensure your commission split is as attractive as a penthouse suite. You’ve got to match or exceed what the competition is dangling in front of your agents if you want them to stay put in your real estate brokerage environment.
  • Mix It Up with Money and Perks: Think of your compensation package as a swanky smorgasbord. Sure, a standard commission split is as expected essential, but those juicy non-monetary benefits like training opportunities, mentors, success plans, and covered fees that sweeten the deal. It’s about giving them a taste of stability with the thrill of the chase.
  • Show ‘Em the Money… and Respect: We’re not just throwing cash around like confetti. A fair and transparent compensation model is your handshake deal that says, “We value you.” This isn’t just about retaining talent; it’s about building a fortress of trust and mutual respect that’ll have your agents singing your praises louder than a sold-out open house.

By putting these pieces into play, you’re not just filling pockets; you’re building a culture where agents feel like they’ve hit the jackpot every day they walk into the office. No need for a mic drop—we know this is the real deal for agent retention.

Provide Agents with the Necessary Tools to Succeed

You need to arm your real estate warriors with the slickest tools in the shed. We’re not playing around with kid’s toys here; we’re talking high-octane, deal-closing weaponry that’ll have your agents locking down sales like it’s nobody’s business.

  • CRM Software on Steroids: Imagine a CRM that’s not just a dusty old rolodex but a turbocharged engine for managing client relations. We’re talking about Lead City, KVcore, and BoomTown—these bad boys are the Navy SEALs of CRMs. They automate the grunt work, keep referral info at your fingertips, and track every little interaction, so your agents are always in the know.
  • Listing Platforms that Sizzle: Now, let’s get real—your listings need to be where the eyeballs are. Platforms like Zillow and Realtor.com aren’t just window shopping; they’re virtual magnets for quality leads. Although you may have a love hate relationship with them, they have become a necessary evil. They consolidate listings like a boss, give your agents the skinny on property details pronto, and make sure your prospects can find their dream home without breaking a sweat.
  • Virtual Tours that Dazzle: Step aside, boring slideshows. Enter Matterport, Kuula, and their kin—virtual tour maestros that let your clients walk through properties in their PJs. We’re talking 360-degree views, video walkthroughs, and 3D models that’ll have buyers feeling like they’re really there, getting them one step closer to slapping down that offer. Additionally, don’t underestimate video tours with your phone or a Facetime walk-through. It’s important to take videos of every home you show so you can send to clients – but make sure to ask permission from the listing agent first!

By kitting out your agents with these powerhouse tools, you’re not just boosting your agent retention; you’re laying down the law in the real estate jungle. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and these tools are your agents’ best friends. Let’s get those deals sealed and delivered, no excuses.

Invest in Professional Development Opportunities

We’re about to get schooled in the art of keeping our real estate agents sharper than a tack and more informed than a news anchor. We’re not just talking about any old training here; we’re diving headfirst into professional development opportunities that’ll have our agents conquering the market like Alexander the Great.

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: The real estate game’s always changing, and if you’re not up to speed with the latest professional designations like ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative), you might as well be selling sand in the Sahara. Our agents need to be in the know, predicting new trends like they’ve got a crystal ball, and ready to dish out advice that’s so on point, clients will think they’ve got an insider on Wall Street. One way you can motivate agents is to offer a better split or bonus for the more designations they have.
  • Skill Up or Ship Out: We’re not playing darts in the dark here. Our agents are leveling up with skills in digital marketing and negotiation that’ll have them closing deals faster than a cheetah on a Red Bull. And niches? Oh, we’ve got those covered too. From affordable housing to smart cities, we’re turning our agents into specialists who know their turf better than a landscaper.
  • Network or Not Work: Ever heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know”? Well, it’s true. With every seminar and workshop, our agents are rubbing elbows and exchanging business cards like they’re going out of style. These networking opportunities are the golden tickets to referrals, collaborations, and the kind of opportunities that don’t just knock but practically break down the door.

So there you have it—investing in professional development isn’t just a fancy phrase we throw around. It’s the bread and butter of how to retain real estate agents who are worth their salt and more. And hey, with agents raking in an extra $72,000 a year for sharpening their skills, it’s a no-brainer. We’re in the business of building empires, folks, and our agents are our centurions. Let’s gear them up and watch them conquer.

Offer Flexibility for Work-Life Balance

Let’s get real about juggling the high-wire act of work and play in the real estate circus. We’re not just selling homes; we’re crafting lives that don’t crumble when the clock strikes five. Here’s the skinny on how to retain real estate agents by offering flexibility for a work-life balance that doesn’t tip the scales:

  • Clockwork Precision: Encourage your team to carve out a schedule that’s tighter than a pair of skinny jeans. Set specific hours for client calls and shove the rest to an answering service when you’re off the clock. And hey, track those hours like a hawk—knowing where your time flies is half the battle won.
  • Delegate or Disintegrate: You’re a real estate maverick, not a one-person circus. Get yourself an assistant, virtual or otherwise, to juggle the admin balls while you’re walking the tightrope. Freeing up your hands is key to not dropping the ball on life outside the big tent.
  • Sweat It Out: Hit the gym, chase a ball, or do the cha-cha—whatever gets your heart pumping. Physical activity is the escape hatch from the stress cage, and it’s got the bonus perk of keeping you sharp for the next client act.

Remember, folks, the show must go on, but you don’t have to be the one spinning all the plates. Embrace the ebb and flow, learn to say a firm “no” when you’re at capacity, and share the spotlight with other agents to keep the referrals rolling in. It’s about setting the stage for a performance that’s as sustainable as it is spectacular. So go ahead, take that bow, and enjoy the standing ovation from your personal life, too.


Through the adoption of a company culture that resonates with their values, providing competitive commission splits, and investing in high-caliber tools and professional development opportunities, brokerages can champion their agents to not just succeed, but thrive within the industry. It’s the blend of these strategies that coalesce to form a retaining wall against the competitive tides, ensuring agents feel recognized, supported, and equipped to navigate the real estate market with agility and expertise.

In essence, the key to agent retention lies within a brokerage’s commitment to fostering an environment that balances professional rigor with personal contentment. By doing so, a brokerage doesn’t just become a place of employment but a place of professional growth and personal achievement, a foundation upon which long-lasting careers are built. The implications of these efforts stretch far beyond the office walls, paving the way for a robust real estate market driven by dedicated professionals who are as invested in their careers as they are in the success of their clients.

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