Real Estate Document Software

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Integrated solution for contract signing.

Getting signatures has never been easier. Place all buyer and seller information at the click of your mouse, without having to pull individual information. Our secure eSign real estate document software allows for single click signing, 2 factor authorization allowing two or more people to use the same email address, and so many more time-saving options (see more features below).

Save time by not having to refill info

Easy compliance and reduced risk

e-Signature features:

Upload Your Own Forms and Documents

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Upload, edit, and store all of your documents and forms in one place. Create forms that are e-fillable and e-signature enabled or easily download and print all from one platform.

Catpture Signatures in Seconds

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Our Sign Now electronic signature platform enables seamless and quick integration for requesting and signing electronically. Save time and create convenience for you and your clients.

File Sharing with Multiple Parties

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Easily share files with agents, transaction representatives, clients, staff, and your team.

File Mapping

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With our smart form builder, Lead City will map any document or form to be e-fillable.

Secure Document Center

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Real estate document software to help you store, organize, and search for documents all in one place.

Create Tasks and Reminders

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Integrated with our transaction management system, you can create tasks assigned to specific contacts and documents with signatures needed.

Real Estate Document Software

Real Estate Document Template Library

  • Create, store, and re-use document templates from all of your common forms such as purchase agreements, listing agreements, addenda, and more
  • Advanced mapping system allows document templates to automatically be prefilled with MLS info and transaction info

Real Estate FastForms ™

  • FastFormsTM is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows your agents to fill out dynamic forms rather than an actual document. Not only does this save time and provide added compliance, it makes mobile transaction creation a breeze
  • LeadCity will customize each FastForm™ based upon YOUR very own purchase agreement, listing agreement, and any other standard document your agents use
  • Contingency and Payment Sub-forms are used to make creating a Real Estate Transaction even easier for your Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Document Management

  • Save documents to different folders and set different permissions for folder access

  • Easily edit document names, folder locations, and signature status to be compliant

  • Easily share or email documents to those that need copies

Real Estate Task and Transaction Info

  • Easily create and manage tasks and transaction items

  • Keep your transactions updated by adjusting tasks and set reminders tied to specific documents and forms

Roles and Permissions

  • Manage different roles such as buyers, sellers, agents, attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and more

  • Provide specific roles access to your transactions

  • Manage permissions and security for different roles so you can customize who is allowed to see what within your transactions

Real Estate Transaction Compliance

  • Submit documents for review and approval
  • Once the transaction is closed, only an admin can edit transactions or documents
  • FastForms™ can set fields as required or not, so your agents don’t send out documents that are incomplete

Simplify your document process with real estate document software

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When I switched to a new office that uses Lead City, I was in awe of the time and effort saved through an all-in-one platform. Everything I need is all in one place and I can access it from my computer or phone. Lead City has helped me increase my productivity by 2 to 3 times and become a better agent. I can easily add new clients to my contacts through my phone and ensure that they are followed up with. Managing my transactions and leads has never been easier. Every agent needs Lead City!

Brooke Jones

Having the entire office in the palm of my hand gives me more freedom and confidence in managing the brokerage with Lead City. Lead City is the only platform on the market that truly does it all. On-boarding with this system is a breeze!

Beth Toliver
Transaction Coordinator

Before Lead City, I would spend a lot of time trying to organize information for transactions, listings, and leads which felt like a waste of time, energy, and money. Recently, I’ve made a brokerage move as the technology was appealing and more robust than what I was previously subscribed to. Since adopting Lead City, I have gained back valuable time and created a better process for my buyers and sellers. I would highly recommend Lead City for anyone looking for a user-friendly and mobile-friendly option. Truly an all-in-one platform!

Leah Hilpipre

After 20 years as an agent using other platforms, I could not believe the simplicity of LeadCity. I had been mapping my own documents and templates for years. Not any more!!!! The easiest way to list and sell properties is to have the best tools. This is the best tool I’ve found in twenty years.

Jason Grinnen

Before Lead City, I would spend a lot of time trying to organize information for transactions, listings, and leads and which felt like a waste of time. After adopting Lead City, I have gained back valuable time and created a better process for my buyers and sellers. I have more time back and feel less stressed. I would highly recommend Lead City for anyone looking for an all-in-one platform!

Rob Emerson

e-Signature and Form Management designed for real estate brokerages

Stop wasting time and money for multiple back-end software’s that do not communicate with each other. Step into the future of the real estate industry with a user friendly all-in-one CRM and brokerage management solution designed to save you time and money by communicating across the brokerage.

Capturing a signature is easier than ever with Lead City.

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