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Save Thousands of Dollars

No more need to string together and pay for multiple applications or third-party subscription costs.

Have a True Picture of Your Business

See your entire brokerage. What’s working, what isn’t and what opportunities are available.

Have the Competitive Edge

Your agents will have a complete range of individual services available to grow their business.

Lead City Pricing Comparison

Compare Lead City to Other Real Estate Software Costs and You Will See The Difference!

Stringing together multiple software applications to manage your brokerage is frustrating and expensive

  • Never having a complete picture or knowing how your brokerage is doing
  • Worried seeing more and more money going out each month
  • The hassle and confusion of connecting your software and third-party applications to work together
  • Stressed you won’t be able to attract new agents
  • Paying for multiple subscriptions

Managing a brokerage is already hard, we think your technology shouldn’t make it harder.

3 steps to break free from the daily grind

Schedule a Demo and see for yourself how easy it can be to build the brokerage you’ve always wanted.

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Connect with a rep to learn how we customize our platform to you.

Say “Yes” to Freedom

You’ll love how this all-in-one application will make your life easier by giving you back time and money.

Build the Brokerage You Want

Have less stress and find freedom from the daily grind, while still growing your business.

It’s true. All of this found in one app


IDX Responsive Websites


Human Resources

Listing Management Systems

Lead Management


Transaction Management


Agent Onboarding

Community Insights

Plus, we make it simple to migrate your existing data and information into Lead City to set up your account.

Simplify your life

“Growing tired from the tangled mess of tech required to manage my brokerage, I finally decided I’d had enough.

It shouldn’t be so hard to manage a brokerage.

It’s why I developed Lead City, the only all-in-one solution that helped me solve every problem I experienced as a broker. Lead City will save you time and money and provide you the freedom to finally break free from the daily grind.

Simplify your life and say goodbye to your tangled mess of tech.”

Aaron Jones

Lead City Founder & Developer, Fellow Broker